Matt Oleksiak has long had a passion—and a keen eye—for automobiles. From the moment he laid a mitten on his grandfather’s VW Beetle to purchasing his first new (to him) car, a 1983 Mustang GT, Matt knew cars would be a driving force in his life.

Following his distinguished military service and a successful business career in sales and management, he founded Perry-Payne Appraisal to serve owners and buyers of antique, classic, special-interest, and everyday vehicles. The business brings together several of his key strengths: detailed observation skills, general automotive knowledge, and formal training. Matt is uniquely able to translate this aptitude into fact-based, cogent communication to benefit his customers.

Perry-Payne’s Territory

We operate primarily throughout Ohio, Eastern Indiana and Western Pennsylvania. However, in certain circumstances, we are able to travel out of the primary area to service other geographies as necessary. And we do offer services remotely on a case-by-case basis.

Perry-Payne’s Mission

Perry-Payne Appraisal combines years of business experience and automotive knowledge to discern credible, unbiased results for its clients. As a veteran-owned business, we’re comfortable with managing tight deadlines. We’re confident in our abilities and experience and dedicated to client satisfaction. We’re flexible, agile and collaborative. We have a strong work ethic and possess an entrepreneurial spirit – this promotes a clear vision to surmount any potential obstacles.

Select Credentials and Qualifications of Matt Oleksiak

Matt has performed more than 100 appraisals of classic, special interest, antique and exotic vehicles as the founder and owner of Perry-Payne Appraisal, LLC since January 2020.

Appraisal Training

  • USPAP 15-hour Class for Personal Property Appraisers
  • Certificate Completion in Concours Judging from Mercedes-Benz Club of America
  • Completion of American Society of Appraisers Personal Property Courses PP 201 and PP 202; PP 203 and PP 204
  • USPAP 7-hour Update for Personal Property Appraisers

Membership & Associations

  • Candidate American Society of Appraisers
  • Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club
  • Society of Automotive Engineers
  • Society of Automotive Historians
  • BMW Car Club of America
  • BMW National Capital Chapter High Performance Driving Events Coordinator

Recent Vehicle Appraisal and Valuation Experience

  • Assisted with inspection, research and appraisal of 68 special-interest vehicles for estate valuation | February-June 2021
  • Inspection and appraisal of Chevrolet Corvettes for estate disposition purposes | May 2021
  • Assisted with research of comparable properties and appraisal of 19 special interest vehicles for asset valuation update | November 2020
  • Assisted with research of comparable properties and appraisal of historic competition vehicles for estate disposition | August 2020
  • Assisted with inspection of vehicle for IRS charitable contribution to Rolls Royce and Bentley Museum | August 2019
  • Assisted with inspection and report preparation of 55 classic and special interest automobiles for estate disposition | February 2018

Worth its weight in expertise

There is often a lot riding on a professional appraisal report. You may be required to produce one for estate planning, charitable contributions, estate or gift tax preparation liabilities, insurance or damage and loss claims, equitable distributions, fair rental and sale decisions, collateral loans, tax audits (foundations), and legal disputes. This is not the time to pinch pennies and settle for an amateur.